Traditional Service

This service begins at 9am in our Traditional Sanctuary. If you feel more connected to God in a setting that is a bit more formal; singing traditional hymns led by a choir with organ and piano accompaniment; and listening to Bible-based sermons, you will be at home in our Traditional Worship Service. Dual overhead projection screens are used to provide Church-related information to worshippers prior to the service and then to display the words of hymns as well as meaningful images at appropriate times during the service. Bring your Bible, as the sermons are based on passages of scripture; the Congregation is encouraged to follow along in their own Bibles; and you may wish to make notes in yours. If you forget your personal Bible, there are Bibles available for use in the back “pockets” of the pews.

Children’s Church is provided for grades Pre-K through 4. You may pick up your child in the Children’s Church room (next to Nursery) after church is over. Grades 5 and up are encouraged to participate in Worship Services. There are “Sermon Notes” available at each service entrance to help them follow along.