Sunday School

Below is a listing of our Sunday School Classes, which all begin at 10 am. Read each brief description to see which one(s) might be of interest to you and come join us.

  • Cornerstone Believers – Started in 1998 for adults who had never attended nor were not currently attending Sunday School. Candi Martin is the teacher. The class takes “I Peter 2:6-10” as a scripture for their name. The Cornerstone Believers invite any adult who wants to build their relationship with Jesus Christ through study, fellowship and service.
  • Fountain of Life – Their philosophy is to study and grow together in Christian fellowship and love through our study of the Bible. Class members range in age from 30-50+.
  • Hearthstone – Several young couples and young men and women in the business world met on February 12, 1951 for the purpose of organizing the Hearthstone Sunday School Class. The name Hearthstone represents the hearthstone that radiates the flame of the Holy Spirit to those who want to be filled with the warmth of God’s love and grace. Today our age group is 60+. Our class is a very loving, caring group that ministers to our members and the Church’s needs——-and we love fellowship and fun.
  • Journey – Began in September 2003. Today, the class is made up primarily of young adults. However, our class is open to anyone who wants to enjoy fellowship and study God’s word.
  • Mustard Seeds – Started in 2007. The Mustard Seed Class focuses on the depth of the goodness, grace, and mercy of God. In Jesus we see the unfailing love of God on full display. We are interested in a vital Christian spirituality based solely on a grateful response to the God who loves eternally.
  • Open Door – In 1973, the Open Door Class was only attended by newlyweds. Now we have a variety with over 40 members on the roll. All members participate by bringing their Bibles and entering in the discussions. Our class contributes monthly to K-Life and missionaries in Africa. The annual Christmas Party is a highlight. All are welcome to enter our “open door.”
  • Seekers – The Seekers take turns leading discussion on various materials pertinent to a daily walk with Christ. Recent studies were of materials produced by Max Lucado and Anne Graham Lotz.
  • The Way – This is class available to everyone and led by Bob Mouser. The Way meets in the classroom on the right on the main floor of the new addition.
  • Youth – Grades 7-12 meet downstairs in The Crossing (below Contemporary Worship area) for donuts, a group Bible lesson, then discussion breakouts by grades 7-8, and 9-12.
  • K-6 Classes – Grades K-1, 2-3, and 4-6 gather in their classrooms in the downstairs children’s area (below Traditional Sanctuary) for a Bible lesson and crafts/activities.
  • Pre-K Class – Ages 3-5 meet next door to the Nursery for a Bible lesson and crafts/activities.
  • Nursery – Ages 0-3 meet in the main education hall to experience God’s love through Ms. Diana Jones. Free hugs, cookies and plenty of toys and puzzles!