Spiritual Growth

We are serious about spiritual growth and about grace. We don’t see ourselves as growing to make God love us or earn our salvation. We want to grow spiritually to experience the power of our salvation and live above fear, anxiety, worry, and temptation.


We try very hard to be a non-judgmental environment. The Bible is not something we use to judge other people but in order to live our best Christian lives to the best of our understanding and interpretation of the Bible. We want each person to take the Bible seriously, but we also want to refrain from using the Bible as a weapon in the judging of others.

Freedom of Opinion

We respect freedom of opinion and believe that people should have room to form their own personal ideas and understandings within the Christian tradition. So, with regard to controversial issues, we refrain from taking hard stands. We are a big-tent church trying to be a place where people from a variety of backgrounds can be in church together, which means that as a result we are somewhat messy. We are not here to pass judgment on people, but to point them to Jesus. Women are encouraged to have leadership positions in the church and to enter the ministry if they feel so called. We strive to create an inspirational, loving, hope-filled environment where struggling people strongly experience the grace, and mercy, and love of God. With regard to final judgment and salvation, we understand those to ultimately be in God’s hands and so we are not in the business of pronouncing final judgment on people or declaring who may not be saved. With regard to the entire scope of God’s salvation we accommodate a variety of opinions about how many will finally be saved. Will God save only a few, or many, or most, or even all? These questions all fall within the realm of personal opinion.


When you come to join this church you are only asked, “Do you believe Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the Living God, and do you accept him as your Lord and Savior?”

Your name isn’t presented before the church board for approval. You aren’t required to attend a membership class and you aren’t given a test. We have no creed but Christ.

We want you to join us in Christian community. We strive to put no roadblocks in front of anyone. We want you to grow with us through life in your Christian community. We give you the room you need to find the best path toward building a personal relationship with God. You are welcome at the First Christian Church.

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