First Christian Church - Harrison, Arkansas | Groups
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Disciples Men

One Disciples Men group meets every Wednesday, at 6:30am in our Church Parlor, for coffee, small-talk, more coffee, fellowship and then a devotional before adjourning for breakfast at a local establishment, more coffee, more small-talk and more fellowship! Any and all early-rising males are encouraged to “join the ole gang” for this weekly get-together. You can enjoy it all and still get to work by 8am. They also serve in several ways in the church and the community.

Another Disciples Men group meets at 12 noon every first and third Monday in the Mustard Seeds class at church. Lunch is provided for a small fee (usually around $6).  Members of the group who feel so inclined share devotional thoughts or bring articles or readings to be discussed.

Disciples Women

Disciples Women currently have two groups that meet. One at 1pm every second Friday of each month in Fellowship Hall, and the other at 4:45 the first Wednesday of each month in Mustard Seeds classroom.

There is a Bible study and a short meeting to focus on current projects, some of which include raising funds to support our mission work, Hospice House, Sanctuary, Share and Care, and P.A.T.H. (Partners Against Trafficking Humans).

Disciples Women groups are open to ALL women in the church who seek spiritual growth through fellowship, study and service.

Lunch Bunch Etc.

One has to admit to being “over 50” in order to gain entrance to this fun Senior’s group that meets on the third Tuesday each month at 11:30 a.m. in Fellowship Hall for a variety of activities. Those activities range from lunch (including yummy homemade desserts) in Fellowship Hall (followed by rousing games of Bingo with some pretty neat prizes), to outings to Branson and other nearby places to visit as a group. Recognizing the need for more senior ministries at FCC, a half-dozen women (Carolyn Eoff, Robbie Cotton, Betty Young, Betty Gray McFarland, Wanda Jackson and Mary Pledger) prepared lunch and hosted the first meeting of Lunch Bunch Etc, in our Fellowship Hall back on April 12, 2007. Since then this has grown into a vibrant FCC program (perhaps because of the chocolate that is regularly given out!).

Tuesday Book Class

Every Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. Dr. Artman leads a class on spiritual growth in which we look at one aspect of the challenge of continuing to make spiriutal progress through all of life.  Each season of life brings challenges.  These challenges, while difficult, can also be opportunities for growth.  It all depends on our attitude.  We hope to have the best possible attitude about spiritual growth for every season of life.

Wednesday Night Fellowship

From September through May, with winter break for several weeks, Wednesday evenings come in for a fellowship dinner from 5:30 to 6 p.m. Then select from a variety of classes for all ages from 6 to 7 p.m. Visit our “Wednesdays” page to see what is currently offered.

Being Human

The Recovery and Spirituality Ministry of First Christian Church in Harrison, AR

What it’s not…

Not a formal 12-step recovery plan nor a substitute for one

Not a place where we are told how we must interpret and understand the Bible

Not a place where we are judged by others

Not a place where we are required to publicly admit to any problem

Not a place where we are pressured/recruited into church membership

What it is…

A place to admit our human experience of powerlessness and unmanageability

A place where we bring together insights from the Bible and the Big Book

A place to find community and understanding and healing

A place where we value confidentiality

A place to increase our spiritual connection to God through Jesus

A place to recognize and respect the highly personal aspect of our spirituality

A place where no limits are placed upon the goodness or power of God to rescue us

A place to feel welcome no matter how “small” our problem may be

A place where we may remain quiet and just listen

When and Where we meet…

We meet each Wednesday from 6:00-7:00 in the Mustard Seed Sunday School Classroom at First Christian Church, 915 S. Maple

Childcare provided for every meeting!

Note: Richard Rohr’s book Breathing Underwater: Spirituality and the 12 Steps sets the fundamental tone for our group, and is a good resource for understanding how we see the connection between Christian spirituality and recovery.